Freelance Period: July 2014 - Present
Position: Cinematographer - Cameraman
               Logical & Technical Supervisor

Roles and Responsibilities: 


  • West Ham Unite`s UEFA Europa Conference League [West Ham vs Fiorentina] _Pasinet Ltd / SKY Sport (Italy & Uk)  2023
  • Un Talk show  RAI 3 [Carta Bianca]  _  Pasinet Ltd / RAI 2023
  • Dossier RAI 2 _ Pasinet Ltd / RAI 2023
  • After Coronation King Charles III  _ [ RAI 1 Oggi e` un altro giorno + RAI 2  La vita in diretta]   Pasinet Ltd / RAI  2023
  • Coronation King Charles III  _  Pasinet Ltd / SKY News Italy - 2023
  • Video Assistant - Pins & Needles [The Book of Clarence] _ Director: Jeymes Samuel _ Production: Legendary Studios 2022
  • Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II _  [London - Edinburgh] Pasinet Ltd / SKY News Italy - 2022
  • Apls  Documeratry  [Monte Rosa] _ No Boundaries Ltd  2022
  • EUFA National League 2022  [England vs Italy] _ Pasinet Ltd / RAI Sport 2022
  • VAAK EAST "Festival" _ Proshot Media Ltd - 2022
  • Platinum Jubilee 70 years  "Elizabeth II " 2022 _ Pasinet Ltd / SKY News Italy
  • Darek Jarman _ Director: Mark Farrelly _ Company:  Richard Lipman - 2022
  • Losing Love Covid-19 "Project with NYFA" April 2021
  • Sri Lanka (ශ්‍රී ලංකා ටීසර් ) – ( இலங்கை டீஸர்) "Journey into the tear of India" March 2020
  • Digital Rushes Uploader (Italy) & Video Assistant Trainee: Split unit (UK) [007 (No Time to Die 2019/20) B25 Limited film]
  • High Qualified Cameraman working in the TV industry, specialised in sports News and Journalistic News with society Pasinet Limited and Serpini film Ltd  Since the beginning of 2018 with still working collaboration.
  • Bols Around the World 2017 " competition" by Daniele Vargiu 
  • Dubai ( دبيّ ) "Descriptions of Free Images" 10 September 2016
  • Dream  “Musical Video in London “ by base  song Ylexo, Voice Kyra Simone and personality realization 2015
  • Inside out IT “Talent show  dramatic competition” by Diana Del Bufalo, (Olinda Suergiu) 2015
  • Christmas Day London  shelf makes 2014


Employment Period: January 2015 - 2017
Position: Founder

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • The Christmas Hope "Short & Long Edit" (TROLLBEADS) December 2015
  • The Unmissable Offer "The Desert" December 2015
  • The unmissable Offer "The Call" December 2015
  • The perfect traveling companion (POCKET COFFE) January 2016 
  • Thinking Ahead (FORD) January 2016
  • Sometimes Dreams Come True -February 2016 
  • Joy Up The Moment (DANETTE)  May 2016
  • The car's keyless remote isn't working! (HUAWEI) June 2016
  • The perfect encounter (KINDER BUENO) September 2016 
  • The artistic reaction (TIC TAC)
  • Local Freddie "FREDDIE-GUIDES" Oct 2016- Feb 2017
  • Glastonbury Festival 2017  (PILTON PALAIS) Festival Cinema


Employment Period: July 2007 - February 2014
Position: Technical Manager - Cameraman

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Musical Videoclip “Destino finale” by Paola Paladino, production Blu Video Srl, (2013)
  • Short Film “Mamma me”  XVIII Premio Letterario Energheia, production  Ass. Cult. Energheia, (2013)
  • Short Film “Giocare al buio” XVIII Premio Letterario Energheia, production  Cult. Energheia (2013)
  • Comedy  “Un cuore pensante” directed by Geo Coretti, Matera (2013)
  • Comedy the vernacular materano “A tatè c’ s’ lo tnà, angunin s’ lo’ tnà” of the theatre company  “Il teatro del carro parlante” Matera (2013)
  • Concert of the Musical Band to Guardia di Finanza”, (25 June 2013)  Matera
  • Documentary  “Mater Sacra”, a collaboration by Regione Basilicata, Comune di Matera Libertas, direction by  Geo Coretti (2013)
  • Long Film “Volevamo fare un film” interpretation to the boys of  Home of  Young – Matera production   “Inner Wheel Club Matera” - “Casa dei Giovani Matera” - Blu Video S.r.l., (June 2013)
  • Short FilmScacco matto, XVII Premio Letterario Energheia, production  Cult. Energheia (2012)
  • Comedy the veracular materano “La bottega del Barbiere” of the theatre company “CAP75100” (2012)
  • Exclusive Interview of “Claudia Kollby Geo Coretti  realize to Matera (02/06/12)
  •  Musical Videoclip La città pulita by Bobo Sind, direction by Geo Coretti (June 2012)
  •  "Maria Santissima della Bruna"  production  Blu Video Srl, directed by  Geo Coretti,  Matera edition 2013  
  • Long FilmBlue Lips by Candela Figuera, CRONOPIA films Argentina, Spagna, USA, Italia (July 2012)
  • Short Film La stanza accanto Written and directed by Geo Coretti,  production School “S. Cuore”Matera (March 2012)
  • Musical Videoclip “Si chiama libertà” by Sonhora, directed by Gianluca Montesano,  production by Sony Music Italia (March 2012)
  • Short Film “Schiavi”, “Dissonanze notturne”, “Assassina”, “Schiava d’amore”,  XVI Premio Letterario Energheia, Production by  Ass. cult. Energheia,  (September 2011)
  • Exclusive Interviw Enrique Irazoqui realized by Geo Coretti to Matera (May 2011)
  • Short Film “Il giorno più bello  production School “ S. Cuore” Matera (February 2011)
  • Exclusive Interview of “Gillo Dorflex” realized by Geo Coretti to Matera (July 2007)
  • Musical Videclip  “Finanzation” – Daniele Nuzzi, directed by  Geo Coretti (2013)
  • Long Film  Il ragioniere della mafia” directed by Federico Rizzo, Lorenzo Flaherty  and written by Donal Vergani, production by  Elleffe Group to  Rome (June 2012)
  • Photography Sevice COOP ESTENSE” by Valerio De Bernardinis to “ MACCANN” of Patrizia Buglione  Rome Italy  (August 2009)
  • Exclusive Interview of “Josè Angel Hevia realized by Geo Coretti to Matera (March 2012)
  • Exclusive Interview  of “Lucio Dalla” realized by Geo Coretti to Matera (February 2012)
  • Long Film “Isabella De Rosis vita d’Amore” written and directed by Geo Coretti with Claudia Koll, Production  Sacro Cuore  Matera and Blu Video s.r.l. Matera (April 2011)
  • Long Film  Oro nero” written and directed by Geo Coretti, production by  Blu Video s.r.l.  Matera (August 2008)
  • Long Film “Il vaso di Pandora” written and directed by  Geo Coretti, production Blu Video s.r.l.  Matera (August 2007)
  • Long Film “Amore Oggi” direction by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe Stasi,  production by Inception s.r.l. Rome  and  Sky Cinema (February 2014)
  • Collaboration with: Rai, Mediaset,  La SETTE, Telenorba, Trm, La Nuova Tv, Blu Tv, Canale2.