* Feature film on Cleopatra's story.
* A Flagship Company  in London and Doha.



Distributed on Vevo, Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music.

The production is called "Dream" and is signed by Ylexo, art name of Gaetano Alessandro, 23 years old in Milazzo, actor and producer musician. The actress chosen for the video is Olinda Suergiu, twenty-two years old in Bronte, in the province of Catania, while the opera is entrusted to London singer Kyra Simone, aka Sanza, who is also busy with the text.

Description of the video: "Girls usually dream that their boyfriend is a funny, affectionate, and playful person. To represent this idea I thought of an elephant mask, a very mammon-loving animal, so the opposite of how she behaves Every man in the relationship of a couple. That's why actor Ylexo as he tries to say in the world of music Edm neglects the girl, and the video represents the dream of the girl who becomes reality. "

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DUBAI دبيّ 

Small achievement made in Dubai with my team waWwa productions.



Music credits by Cuffiax.